Policy Council

The Policy Council meets on the third Tuesday every month.

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President - Leilani Horton

Vice President - Lisa West

Secretary - LaRaysha Gumfory

Cor. Secretary - Erika Short

Members: Skye Phillips, Rebecca Anderson, Ruthann Gilheany, Relena Myers, Robert Remy, Michelle Plummer, Don Lambert

"I really like the programs that CCS has to offer for the children and including the families. I love how CCS is so caring and giving to the children and families, for example CCS gave our family a very wonderful thanksgiving basket of food, including turkey and food for Christmas, I thought that was very nice and helpful because I couldn't afford too much if I was to purchase the food on my own, so that was very helpful! Also, we were extremely thankful for all the Christmas gifts we received from CCS, CCS made our family so very happy on Christmas because I couldn't afford much gifts for my kids, so that was a big blessing, this alone made me LOVE CCS so very much, it is a wonderful program!!! I just want to thank CCS for everything."

-CCS Parent