Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

What is "ACES"?

 In the past two decades, we've learned two key things about Alaskans' health: Childhood trauma is far more common than previously realized; and the impact of this trauma affects individuals over a lifetime and societies over generations.

     A keystone 1998 study asked middle class Americans about 10 specific traumas they might have experienced as a child. Some of these included; physical abuse, witnessing domestic violence and having a parent in jail. Researchers then developed an 'adverse childhood experiences' (ACE) score - the more traumas, the higher the ACE score.

CCS Early Learning, as well as many individuals, groups, communities, and government agencies, are already working to break the cycle of childhood trauma. CCS has used grants awarded for The Alaska Children's Trust and the Mat-Su Health Foundation to offer  trainings for our parents regarding the ACE study and how they can help build resiliency and increase protective factors in their family.

We also are offering "Your Journey Together" parenting workshops in each center for those parents who want more information on resiliency. Our staff and parents are working hard to become more trauma informed, and together, we can meet this challenge and make Alaska communities even better places to grow up.

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